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From Svalbard to Zanzibar

On this site, i have gathered the favourite photos from some of my most memorable trips. I decided to do so because it felt like such a waste to only share them on social media or to have them locked up on my computer for no-one else but me to see (I also have a feeling my family and friends were getting a little tired of me bombarding them with photos!) And so I thought to myself: if anyone else might enjoy these photos, why not share them with a wider audience? I hope you enjoy these photos as much as i enjoyed taking them.

walruses, ghosttowns and whales on Svalbard 

Among my galleries, you'll find a lot of photos from one of the northernmost settlements on the planet: Svalbard. This archipelago deep within the Arctic Circle has made a great impression on me. I find its geographic isolation, wilderness, barren lands and history extremely fascinating. Not only are these islands and fjords extremely peaceful and beautiful and full of exotic wildlife such as polar bears, walruses and whales, the fact that people have come to this isolated wilderness to hunt and mine for hundreds of years makes it even more interesting. With global warming opening up a new Arctic Frontier, it also feels incredibly important to highlight the beauty of this place and raise awareness about its wildlife. See the galleries from Barentsburg, Pyramiden, Hiorthamn, Poolepynten and Isfjorden for my Svalbard photos.

gorillas, lions, elephants and cheetahs in Africa

Other places that made a great impression on me are Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, which I got a chance to see during a safari in 2016. While their soaring heat, sun-drenched savannahs and humid forests stand in stark contrast to the barren and icy lands of Svalbard, the wildlife and the people here mesmerised me as well. From the elephants, wildebeest, lions and hippos of the Ngorongoro Crater to the cheetahs, ostriches and giraffes that roam the vast Serengeti, Tanzania was amazing. In Rwanda, I fell in love with the landscape, the people and the Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys of the Virunga Mountains in Volcanoes National Park while to the north, in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park, I came close to hippos, lions, elephants and gazelles. The trip ended in Zanzibar, with sandy beaches, warm waters and beautiful scenery. You'll find the photos in the Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda galleries.

meadows, steep cliffs and lighthouses in Ireland

With steep cliffs, rolling green hills and misty meadows, Ireland's south-west coast was simply stunning. Having driven down from Dublin, we stayed in the lightkeeper's house at Galley Head, falling asleep as the lighthouse guided ships safely  along the coast. We then drove around the Beara Peninsula, lesser known and less frequently visited than Ireland's iconic Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula. Its mountains, waterfalls, cliffs, meadows, winding roads, beaches and small villages were just beautiful. The photos from Ireland are featured in the gallery titled West Cork. In December 2017, we also drove to County Clare on Ireland's beautiful and wild west coast. The stunning Cliffs of Moher, the barren landscape of the Burren and the castles and ruins and gorgeous coastline roads are featured in the gallery titled West Ireland.

GREAT EUROPEAN CITIES: budapest, istanbul, barcelona

I love travelling in Europe, with all its history, stunning architecture and different cultures all located within a relatively short distance from each other. Some of the experiences I enjoyed the most were Hungary's elegant capital Budapest, the exotic scenery in bustling Istanbul and the stunning Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. 


I have recently also enjoyed visiting some of Sweden's charming small towns, such as Vadstena and Motala by Lake Vättern and Mariefred by Lake Mälaren, as they're full of old-time charm, such as historic castles or industrial heritage.


Recently, I got the chance to explore the fairytale villages and castles and the stunning and dramatic landscape of Luxembourg. All dressed in autumn colours, villages such as Vianden, Esch-sur-Sure, Bourscheid, Echternach and Clervaux as well as the charming and picturesque capital Luxembourg City were just pure magic.


During a 12-day trek in Nepal, we walked from Lukla at the foothills of the Himalayas to Gorak Shep by Everest Base Camp, a descent of some 2,400 meters to 5,200 meters. While physically challenging (including a bout of altitude sickness), it was one of the most magic trips of my live, with amazing scenery, The rewards during the trek were just stunning: seeing Mount Everest on the horizon, looking up at Aba Dablam as the sun rose, walking along the wild Dudh Kosi river, and enjoying the flowers at the lower altitudes: cherry blossom, Magnolia, apple blossom and Rhododendron forests. We also got to spend a few days in Kathmandu, Nepal's bustling and colourful capital.

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